Akarie provides all-around support
for your business development

No Investment necessary. Up to 3 companies.

Akarie supports empowering business owners who are considering new ventures in the nursing care industry. Our group consists of experts in business management, compliance, recruitment, and service. As a team, Akarie provides professional consultation to improve the overall value and efficiency of your business.

For those wishing to start a new nursing care business

For those who are experienced in the nursing field

Experiencing problems in these areas?

■ Location Selection
■ Financial management
■ Government documentation

For those who are new to
the nursing field

Experiencing problems in these areas?

Understanding specifications of a nursing care business
■ Staff recruitment
■ Areas of caution

For those who wish to improve an existing business' value

Experiencing problems in these areas?

■ Customer base growth
■ Economic losses
■ Staff recruitment issues due to turnover
■ Compliance with management laws

Emphasis on results

No prior investment necessary.
Akarie offers Performance-
Based contracts.

Today, Tokyo is widely recognized as an aging society. As professionals of nursing care businesses in Japan, We believe our mission is to increase the amount of high-quality nursing care facilities serving diverse local communities. In order to carry out this mission to the best of our ability, we work with only the first three applicant companies every year. As Akarie offers performance-based contracts, there is no need for prior investment. If you are experiencing issues with establishing a nursing care business, please contact us. We will give you the best advice to guide your business to sustainable growth and success.

Please contact us if you would like to find out more about the contractual process.

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High collective efficiency

Akarie emphasizes having broad
points-of-view over following
a single philosophy

Akarie proposes numerous possibilities and guidelines by professionals from different fields when resolving issues. By having broad points-of-view, we can provide business management solutions with stronger balance.

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News Release
  • 2015.12.01
    Tokyo branch office has been opened.
  • 2014.05.12
    Website Launch
  • 2014.04.17
    Training Program: "The Power of Words"
  • 2014.03.18
    Training Program: “How to
    increase staff tenfold and keep
    turnover rate below 10%”
  • 2014.03.13
    Training Program: “How to
    respond in times of disaster
    and emergency”
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    Consulation Process
    Contact us
    Please send us an email and inform us of your situation. We will write you back within 24 hours.
    In-person Meeting
    If possible, we will conduct an in- person meeting to further discuss the details of your situation.
    Based on results from the meet- ing, Akarie will propose the best business model for the client.
    If final agreement on overall pro- posal, cost estimates, and sche- dule of services is reached, we will formulate a contract.
    After contract signage, we will put our best efforts in completing our mission.