For corporate development and growth, Akarie believes it is significant to have a professional point-of-view in every field, from business management to human resource management. Through meticulous research and analytical skills, our professional staff will advise you with efficiency.

Business Seminar

■ For those considering new ventures in the nursing care industry

■ For those experiencing problems with an existing nursing care business

■ Lectures from professionals in diverse fields

A nursing care business provides services that work firsthand with people. On some days, you may encounter employees who lack diligence or want to leave their position without notice. On other days, you may have employees feeling upset about complaints from customers and/or other caretakers. Ultimately, most responsibilities involve interpersonal communications. With respect to all areas of expertise, Akarie is capable of providing thorough knowledge and skills to assist with both employee management and motivation.

■ A successful business startup with challenges in sales growth
■ Sudden departure of employees assigned to key roles
■ Difficulty attracting customers and increasing notoriety

Our consulting team will analyze such problems from broad points-of-view and provide the best solution

Most of our team members are nursing care business professionals with experience
the healthcare industry for more than 10 years. Using our acquired knowledge, Akarie will present outstanding propositions to resolve such issues.

3 basic considerations when starting a nursing business

  • Do not compromise during recruitment
    If you wish for future business expansion, you should never compromise during the recruitmentprocess. Unlike short-term marketing businesses, building firsthand confidence with customers is essential to a nursing business.
  • Consult the advice of legal professionals
    Ensure that all procedures adhere to the Public Nursing Care Insurance Law, which contains vital guidelines. Be sure to have professional consultation while conducting any procedures and do not become influenced by rumors and anecdotes.
  • Leave ample room to accommodate financial risks
    Bad news often comes unexpectedly, but there is often great solutions to this. The success of your business depends on whether you have taken proper precautions.

3 imperative considerations when starting a nursing business

- Do not follow any standard models of success.
- Concentrate on meeting deadlines for all required documentation.
- Do not neglect the objective of providing extraordinary service for seniors.

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News Release
  • 2015.12.01
    Tokyo branch office has been opened.
  • 2014.05.12
    Website Launch
  • 2014.04.17
    Training Program: "The Power of Words"
  • 2014.03.18
    Training Program: “How to
    increase staff tenfold and keep
    turnover rate below 10%”
  • 2014.03.13
    Training Program: “How to
    respond in times of disaster
    and emergency”
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    Consulation Process
    Contact us
    Please send us an email and inform us of your situation. We will write you back within 24 hours.
    In-person Meeting
    If possible, we will conduct an in- person meeting to further discuss the details of your situation.
    Based on results from the meet- ing, Akarie will propose the best business model for the client.
    If final agreement on overall pro- posal, cost estimates, and sche- dule of services is reached, we will formulate a contract.
    After contract signage, we will put our best efforts in completing our mission.